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We've patented a device that allows bikers, runners, skiers, skaters and all those who participate in athletic activities wherever there is moving traffic, to see and become aware of any approaching dangers from behind--it's called "ALERT-X".


The device is made of a camera that's worn on a helmet, or on a pair of eyeglasses, with a lens and view of all that occurs from behind; this signal is processed onto a monitor on which a flashing red light and also an audio alert can also activate, warning a user of any potential vehicle or competitive hazards that may threaten one's space, or safety.  This monitor can again be worn as an extension of a helmet or pair of eyeglasses, or otherwise on a biker's handle bars, for example.


Venture Partners and Startup Capital have already been welcomed and secured.  Our business plan is calling for prominent marketing via internet.  The major attractiveness beyond our product's utility, is its timing, since it's the first product of its type in the marketplace.  There is a huge and wide open market globally for this type of "active-consumer" product, we are hoping to make the best of this opportunity, and wind up with a significant portion of the world market.


We have every hope that Alert-X will meet with a solid return and substantial success; and also in the meantime that we will help to make streets, trails and roads safer for everyone to enjoy, and in the highest, most ideal outcome, that we will help to save  a life one day...



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