Project AlertX

The economic crisis in 2009 forced entrepreneurs to be creative and vigorously adapt to the changed circumstances and, if possible, develop new ideas while seeking new markets.

Over the last 20 years IUS SOFTWARE has been a pioneer of legal software, developing and supplying an industry standard-setting application that has earned the company strong notice, and recognition as a “crisis-breaking” force on the scene. (*1 Finance Magazine)  We have gratefully over that period also discovered that our program has relevance and utility, and has subsequently also been well received in the financial, tax and accounting fields as well.

 As an entrepreneur the company’s founder, Anton Tomazic, has now most recently embarked on a new, consumer-based product, innovative and made possible by the latest achievements of modern technology.  Miniaturized components have been developed in recent years that finally allow high resolution video definition and identification of objects via sufficient processors and memory capacity that can be accommodated in small "gadget "devices.

 The idea for this product originally took shape over the course of several bicycle tours along a treacherous route that offered quite literally no opportunity or room to look back over one’s shoulder to become aware of traffic coming from behind.  An attentive sense of hearing and a steadfast concentration on the narrow wheel paths ahead offered the only margins for protection and continuing safe passage (ie, cycling!) through the winding, uneven terrain and the road’s competing commuter and traveler traffic.  For youths wearing mp3 player headphones, such a margin had clearly been even further reduced.

Following these simple main ideas, working them out and later documenting them, the conception for a device was realized, upon which no previous product has been based, neither for which a patent has been registered.

 This product is conceived as "A Multi-View Monitoring and Alerting Device".  In specific context, it attaches to a pair of glasses, or is fitted onto a safety helmet; a miniature camera connected to a miniature screen (display), feeds the user a picture (video) of what’s happening behind his back, offering security and fortifying forward control, momentum and vision.

 The embedded processor promptly handles a video signal so as to identify each object (in particular, of course, other persons or vehicles) approaching.  The recognized objects are framed by a yellow highlight, which turns to a special flashing red light that warns of a potential danger.  For those listening to an audio device such as an mp3 player, a sound or spoken word warning will also provide an alert (eg, "Watch the car!"— and in the wearer’s preferred language).  The warning signal will also be (wirelessly) transmitted to the rear wheel back lights, flashing an alert also for the upcoming vehicle.

As you may have already imagined, such a device can likely be very useful and instrumental not just in improving safety in cycling, but also as a tool in providing awareness and safety in other sports, with even professional security applications as well.  The immediate attraction of this enterprise from both new business and investment perspectives, is the huge and as yet untapped market for this product on a global scale.

As of today, tens of thousands of enthusiastic amateurs in Slovenia have already found interest in such a product; for each developed country there exists a market of hundreds of thousands; while worldwide of course, the total market numbers in the millions.

With the help of modern internet marketing and sales tools (web stores, internet video and viral marketing, company and social networks), we are enjoying a confident outlook.  A market is being firmly outlined and established in Slovenia, and our sights are currently set on connecting and partnering with a “giant,” to launch our entry into the international marketing phase.

Investment participation offering substantially greater than equitable return is now being welcomed, beginning at $10,000 Euros (or dollars), and up.  For information and return schedules, please contact



Vir, 26th of January 2010

Anton Tomazic