Tomazic family - summary

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There were Tomazic families living on the farm of Grize for at least 400 years and their direct decendants are still living there today. Approximately 150 years ago there was a change in family surname, because there were only daughters in the family and one of them was married to Jože Zupancic who moved in. On the other hand the family surname has moved to the nearby village of Podborst, where Bernard Tomazic has moved (married) approximately 200 years ago. In Podborst No. 8 Tomazic family is still present now. From here some of the family branches has spread to the neighbouring places, to Vir, Maribor, Zagreb and abroad, mostly to Germany.

Possible further research:

Because of the lack of the further statutary books ("maticne knjige" only exist for the lattest 400 years), further researches would be impossible, specially because all Tomazic family members were peasants. However there are chances to locate some further ancesters of the oldest known Gregor Tomazic, because only few miles from Grize there is located the famous old monastery of Sticna. There are plenty of old books (also with lists of nearby inhabitants - for the purpose of collecting "taxes") in their archives. I will try to benefit from this fact.