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 The story in brief:

A few pictures from the book:

  1. The Tomažič Family

  2. The Author at the beach on Nevis

  3. »Our House« in Nisbet

  4. Kathie and Don Johnson as the Hoteliers of the Year 2002

  5. Mr.  Nolan

  6. Map of Nevis showing the route and the place of the accident

  7. The place of return to civilisation

  8. Inside Alexandra Hospital with Miriam, Deyan and Toni

  9. Outside Alexandra Hospital – Toni, Miriam and Kathie

Feedback from the readers:


Thank God for you! Thank you for sharing you experience of
survival of  mind and Spirit! I am so glad you are a praying man and
gave god the Glory.
            You have shared a part of yourself and Nevis that has blessed us all.


Dear Anton,
I read your story. Truly, you are lucky to be alive! But also, it was your courage and ingenuity, I congratulate you.


Anton-This is an amazing story!
Your book may prompt a movie version and you'll be rich.  May it happen!


I blundered onto your interesting story.
Thank you for sharing!.


I have just read your posting about your ordeal on Mt. Nevis last year

and wanted to tell you how moved I was at your spirit throughout the

experience. I am glad that you survived to tell the tale - and how well

you do!


When I was reading your story, I was moved to tears. I had to stop a few times to dry my eyes. It

was the work of the lord and I am happy that you were able to return to your

wife and kids. May god continue to bless you!


Dear Anton,

I just finished reading of your ordeal on Nevis. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! You were incredibly lucky...God certainly was with you.


Dear Mr. Tomazic,

I read your amazing story! God sure did take care of you and protect you during that ordeal. 

In your story you spoke about God and how thankful you were to him for saving your life. 

I  can't help believing that God spared your life for a reason


Anton, thank you for sharing your harrowing ordeal.  I just happened across your story and having visited Nevis with a friend some years back, I decided to read it.  Amazing.  

The Good Lord has something even more special for you in life.  I too agree prayer and belief in Jesus will get you through.  And I believe in Romans 8:28,  I will let you look that one up.  

As a fellow 50+ year old I'm proud of you having survived and for your tenacity.


Thank you for sharing your story with us...  It must have been a horrifying exerience.


I have read your account of your 8 day ordeal in the mountain of Nevis.  I was touched by the experience and found in it the mercy, love and faithfulness of a God who cares.   I was thrilled to know that you trusted in God for your safety and return to civilization.


t was fascinating  to finally read your account of your  hardship on our mountain. I spent several days out looking for you  in the bush, but always on  Round Hill as  two villagers had reported seeing and talking with you in Westbury  village around 4pm on the first afternoon heading down to the sea!.   So much for eye witness reports!
Your story deserves to be made into a film!


What a harrowing story!


I got the story and have already shared it with many friends. It is quite incredible. Life is precious and sometimes it takes an event like this to help us truly appreciate just being alive.


I have just read your book about your ordeal on Mt. Nevis last year
and wanted to tell you how moved I was at your spirit throughout the
experience. I am glad that you survived to tell the tale - and how well
you do! 
I will never look at Mt. Nevis again without thinking of your trial there.


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